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BAWSI Agricultural Workers Union Of South Africa (BAWUSA)

  • Phone: 021 870 1746
  • Address: 367 Main Street, Jfc Building, 1st Floor, Paarl, 7620, South Africa
  • Fax: 021 872 0356
  • Email: admin@bawusa.co.za

About Us: BAWSI notes that at the national level nothing has changes fundamentally. We acknowledge that a number of changes have taken place, but, even though they were important it did not alter the status of the poor. It is for this reason that BAWSI will agitate for fundamental political and economical changes. BAWSI further notes that the Agricultural Sector is politically and economically dominated by whites. People of color are still very much enslaved in the rural areas. A change that has occurred in the rest of the country has not yet reached the rural people. Gross human rights violations are the order of the day.

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